Vanuatu’s first female graduate from the Southern Medical University in China will begin her internship next year at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH).

26-year-old Lingesu Rose Bule from Pentecost, has graduated earlier this year on June 28th after spending 6 years studying Medical science at the Nanfang hospital, Southern Medical University in China.

Her majors include Internal Medicine and Surgical courses.

On Tuesday this week, Lingesu arrived with the company of medical professors and doctors from Nanfang Hospital to carry out two surgical operations at the Vila Hospital.

The urologist team of China provide free surgery for patients with urology disease.

The team of five is sent by Guangdong Health Committee, led by Professor Hong Zhu who is the President of the Institute of Health Economics Research and the Vice Chairman of the Guangdong Medical Association and the Guangdong Health Economics Association.

“This is our first time to send a urologist operation team to Vanuatu to ensure our free medical aid is made efficient,” said Mr Zhu

”With the relationship made with Lingesu, the team was fortunate to travel to Vanuatu and provide medical services to patients with difficult cases of Prostate diseases.

“Coming from one of the most advanced Hospital in China, we hope in the future to receive more medical students to study at Nanfang Medical University.”

Established in 1941 during the Second World War as a military hospital, Nanfang has been approved as a top-class Grade-A hospital and ranked at 17 among Chinese Hospital list in all of China.

Urological care is a gap in Vanuatu’s healthcare, with a high shortage of local professional skills on that area of expertise.

“As doctors from a teaching hospital, we performed the complicated surgery by teaching local surgeons step by step, to make them confident and grow in their kills of being a professional surgeon.”

The team of medical doctors came with their medical equipment and machines to perform two surgical operations on two patients from the VCH who are both diagnosed with prostate disease.

The 2-hour surgery yesterday involved two elderly patients from Efate who were proud to be part of the first-ever performed prostate surgery done by the Nanfang Medical team. The duo is said to recover in 2-days’ time.

Dr Richard Leona who is a senior surgeon at the Hospital said the visit of the medical team will become an annual event, where the hospital will receive a team of urologists each year to treat patients at VCH.