Group Photo during the Pacific Youth Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand

A Youth Representative,
Melisa Vuti, has returned to Port Vila from Auckland, New Zealand, after attending a Conference on Good Governance, Climate Change, Anti-Corruption and Gender equality from May 11-12, 2023.

Miss Vuti said she enjoyed mingling and learning from the “regional family” of participants for “a better Blue Pacific”.

“The conference is a great achievement for Transparency International Vanuatu (TIV),” she stated.

“The speakers were brilliant with their explanations and wide range of professional experiences.

“In fact they are the Heroes and Champions in the related issues within their countries and the region through their presentations.”

Following a Question and Answer Session, Miss Vuti said, “It is really an added value as our Pacific leaders empower young Pacific Island countries youth leaders and the students of the University of the South Pacific.

“Through such platforms as it is strengthen the Pacific Island countries as we are one voice, one ocean one journey and one Pacific Island to rise up and take the challenge as one family with a shared vision in responding to climate Change and Corruption and Gender Equality.

“We have the pleasure and honour to witness and participate in the launching of Pacifika Youth Advisory Committee.”

In conclusion, Miss Vuti wishes to thank the following individuals and partners: UNDP, USP Student Association, UK Aid, New Zealand, USPSA Project Management Team, Guest Presenters and TIV.