Mrs. Marie Anne Siptiley, from MALAMPA Handicraft Centre. More photos on P16-17

The Vanuatu Made Week Trade Fair, which was held on Port Vila beginning on Wednesday the 27th of September, officially ended yesterday.

Ian Baniuri, Manager Promotion and Marketing under the Depart of Industry (DoI), expressed his satisfaction on the turn out of the event, stating that he believes that all the objectives the department have had for this event were achieved.

He relayed that this year’s event was a special one as it began with e-commerce symposium, and also included two extra activities, the Vanuatu Made Shield Football Competition, which was a success, and the awards night, which was held at Convention Centre last night.

The Manager Promotion and Marketing added that the number of producers who attended this event, and the public who came to show support was greater compared to the past four years.

He explained that they were able to take care of travel expenses for only two producers from each provinces, however the invitation was open to any producers.

“And we are so pleased and appreciative to have received more than 30 producers, most of them came at their own expenses, which shows that they know and understand the importance of this event, and how it will benefit them as individual producers,” said Mr. Baniuri.

According to the Manager, the main objective of this event was to gather all producers to showcase and sell their products, and also for them to meet each other and share or discuss business ideas, which will contribute to the success of their businesses.

He stated that another objective was to educate students, and the public, that there are opportunities and other ways to earn income, and the last objective was to ensure the visibility of the Vanuatu Made Brand.

He further added that the DoI is looking forward to conducting more awareness next year to the remote areas in the country, and to encourage more producers to be part of this annual event, which will be held again next year on September.

Jimmy Wanemay, a producer who came from Santo, commonly known as Jimmy Welding for his welding works shared that since attending this event in 2019, there has been a significant improvement.

Wanemay explained that the support they got from the public this year was greater compared to past events.

He shared that another area where he believes there has been a great improvement on is how the producers showcased their products.

“In 2019, we would just stand at out booths, watching people pass by, but this time around, all the producers were actively talking with the public, explaining what their products are, or the benefits of these products,” he recounted.

“The competition has become much stronger, which is good because this means that when we go back, we’ll try our best to advance our products to a more quality standard,” he said.

He also mentioned that there have been a lot of youths who took part in this event, however, he believes there’s lot of them sill in the islands, and they need to be encouraged to be part of this one-week event.

“It is a very beneficial event, we came here we sell our products, and we also learn from other producers as we share our knowledge and discuss our businesses with each other,” said Mr Welding.

Another producer, Marie Anne Siptiley, from MALAMPA Handicraft Centre, also expressed her appreciation for attending this event.

She claims that almost all of the products she brought to the event have been sold, some of which she sold on behalf of other producers who were not able to attend the event.

She told the Vanuatu Daily Post that she is looking forward to be attending the 2024 Vanuatu Made Week Trade Fair.

Mrs. Siptiley added that going back to her home island, she is going to encourage other producers to make sure they attend this event next year as well.