Sapos yu wantem karem wan smol Christmas present wea hemi locally made, environmentally friendly, supportem local people mo hemi no expensive tumas, mifala long Sista luk aot ol shop wea yu save karem fulap difren kind products. 


Yu save findem locally made jewellery, artwork including paintings mo lino print, basket, bags, placemats, mats, pandanus Christmas decorations, jams, chocolate, organic food items, noni juice, perfume, natural beauty products mo plenti moa.

I gat fulap presents blong evriwan, hemi esi blong findem wan present blong wan pikinini kasem wan apu.

Supportem local, celebratem Vanuatu. 

Merry Christmas! 

Haos blong Handicraft, downtown seafront

It’s been several weeks since the Port Vila Seafront Handicraft Markets has officially been operating and there are a variety of locally made handicrafts from across the islands available. Yu no mestem janis blong yu! From Christmas decorations for the tree, gorgeous local bags that are perfect for your girlfriends and sisters, passport holders for your husband or pandanus turtles that are a perfect alternative to a plastic toy for your child, there is something for everyone!


ACTIV Association annual Christmas market, Alliance de Francaise

The ACTIV Association annual Xmas Market has been opened at Alliance de Francaise since the 4th December and has been extended to the 23rd December. 
Come and enjoy the AELAN local communities handicrafts, carvings, spices, oil and AELAN chocolate with the new AELAN chocolate range! Ideal place to shop for gifts while supporting an association that aims to socially, economically and environmentally empower disadvantaged communities in Vanuatu through Fair Trade.

Pre-Christmas market sale, Lotus Day Spa and Cafe

The Lotus Day Spa and Cafe Pre-Xmas Market has been extended to Saturday 23rd December. Featuring pieces by local artisan artists including Esmie Jimmy, who is showcasing hand-made items including her very own hand painted glassware, mirror and unique leaf-shaped stepping stones.

You will also find local handicrafts, weaving beer coolers, wine bottle baskets, shopping baskets, Xmas decorations and so much more. Located at Lotus Day Spa opposite the Cathedral Church. 


Organic Paradise, Chantilly’s on the Bay

Looking for a bag of goodies that celebrates everything Vanuatu made? Stop into Organic Paradise to create your very own goodie bag or select from pre-packaged gift hampers filled with 100% Vanuatu products where you can choose from archard, aromatherapy oils, biscuits, body and facial care, candles, chilli, chocolate, chutney, coco nibs, coconut oil, coffee, condiments, honey, kava powder, lip balms, manioc and taro chips, moisturisers, noni, nangae nuts, nangae oil, peanuts, peanut butter, pepper, sandalwood oil and powder, shampoos, soaps, spices, resilience remedy, sauces, tamanu oil, tamarind, turmeric, vanilla and much more …

These flavours of Vanuatu, will remind you and your friends of this wonderfully organically rich paradise – great souvenirs, gifts for friends overseas and here and yourself, that you can use to for your cooking, health and beauty pleasure.

Located at Chantillys on the Bay, Kumul Highway.



Located between Westpac & ANZ bank Main St Port Vila Vanuatu, Pandanus is a shop full of jewelry, local art, souvenirs, tea towels and Vanuatu inspired t-shirts and locally made handicrafts with a modern twist. Just imagine a pandanus woven bag with funky interior lining and a leather strap – that’s how Pandanus rolls, celebrating the old with the new.

Check out their selection of products, both local and imported, that are ideal for those looking for all things tropical.


Life hemi full spid. Sapos yu stap wok or sapos  yu wan mama wea yu stap luk aot ol pikini long haos, yu save finis se life hemi neva stop taem yu wan woman. I gat fulap responsibilities wea yu mas makem. Taem i gat wan celebration, responsibilities hemi mo big wan.

Now ia Christmas hemi stap kam, yu mas ting ting long saed blong kai kai, luk aot ol pikinini, preparem wan celebration (cook, clean, invitation, grocery shopping, etc), maybe go long church mo luk aot wan present blong ol famili blong yu.

Fulap taem mifala i no recognizem ol unpaid wok wea ol woman mo ol gel hemi stap makem. Christmas hemi kam and hemi wan gud opportunity blong talem tank yu long mama, auntie, sista mo partner blong yu.  

Merry Christmas evriwan!